Chez Coco Restaurant, ponza

The perfect combination of fashion, architecture and catering

Chez Cocò re-evokes old flavours and ancient traditions that have always characterised the island of Ponza, proposing itself with a completely new style and image that define the new rising personality of a restaurant representing time passing by.

Attilio Guglielmi and Gaetano Gallo gave life to the new image of Chez Cocò: Style, Design and fine Mediterranean cuisine. The rooms are characterised by a harmonious contrast of bright pearl colours and pickle-stained wood that create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere, in sync with the spirit of the island of Ponza.

Cocò’s personality lies in the attention to details: niches brightened by mirrors cast in place, majestic chandeliers and frames in contrast with simple rooms, fibreglass fish that dominate the environment.

The sea scent, a romantic view of the island’s port and fresh tasty fish render Chez Cocò the true jewel of Ponza.

The island of Ponza

Ponza has represented for many years a sought-for destination for tourists coming from all over the world, thanks to its natural beauties, typical coves (‘’calette’’) and unforgettable ocean floors of volcanic origin.
Favourite destination for numerous Italians and foreigners who seek relax, amusement or are fond of fishing, and decide to spend their summer holidays on this ‘’pearl’’ of the Mediterranean.
The Pontine islands also include the natural reserves of Palmarola and Zannone that can be easily reached by boat and can be visited independently or through guided tours for a breath-taking experience.

Opening times

Summer season / June – September

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