Chez Coco Restaurant, who we are

The name of
Chez Cocò

In the 50s Saint Tropez used to be a simple fishermen village, which later became internationally famous when it provided
a background location for “Piace a troppi”, the 1957 film that launched Brigitte Bardot as the biggest European sex symbol.
It was right here that Brigitte Bardot indulged in delicious local fish dishes. The person who cooked these was a well-known
chef, popular throughout the town thanks to her exquisite recipes. Her name was Cocò: a pleasant, kind and generous woman;
customers used to love her because of her hospitality and cooking skills. The story goes that one day, after yet another tasty
meal, feeling at home Brigitte Bardot sang the chef’s praise by shouting out loud “Chez Cocò!”.
The famous actress loved Saint Tropez so much that, a few years later, she bought a house in the renowned Côte d’Azur town.